The Sunny Seventies

Seventies wallpaper
Yesterday I went for a trip to the big city. Big compared to my little broadband-connected village of 800 people, anyway. The Z88 came with (see ‘Technostalgia Defined‘) and travel time disappeared as I wrote yesterday’s blog on it.

The purpose of the trip was to go to my favorite electronics store, but it turned into a full day of exploring what the city had to offer. First I got some goodies for my Z88 and my soldering bench. There were shelves and shelves full of useful electronics stuff and tools, so it was hard not to go on a spree. Clas Ohlson stores are called the ‘Kindergarten of Husbands’, and there’s a reason why.

You see, when families go shopping in these store complexes, they dump their husbands here, and they know where their husbands will be for the next few hours, drooling over tools, cables, nuts and bolts, components, and computer accessories. Meanwhile, the wives are left in peace to shop the family into Chapter 7.

Next, I encountered a weird (but I’m not saying unpleasant) business strategy. I really needed a jacket, so I went into a clothes store. Me going into a clothes store – mark The Day with an X in your calendar! I really am chronically underdressed – I just don’t think it’s that important.

But pursuing my retro style I thought I’d get a 70s jacket. The very friendly Caroline helped me find a Manchester blazer in my size. The business strategy of it all was that she felt me up while helping me put it on! She didn’t trust my ability to make up the buttons myself, but had to put her arms around me from behind and stroke my tummy and ass. Well, a thick wallet was in the way so she didn’t get to check my body tone. Hah.

Well, business strategy or not, it worked. I had to calculate in my head a while due to the price, but the jacket was just so retro perfect.

Next I went to a specialist watchmaker, and luckily he could extend the band of my 1977 LED watch, even matching the gold tone. Now all I need is some high-waisted (get it?) bell pants and the illusion is complete ;)

(All this retro stuff of course stems from a feeling of having been born too late to experience the 70s and all the action in Silicon Valley, and a sick desire to wear the same clothes, and program the same stuff as those lucky devils did…)

I ate out, and while the watchmaker did his thing I had a coffee in the shade outside a restaurant. It all was very soothing and satisfying, and even though the hour was late, on the way back I stopped by relatives and had a nice chat.

Right now I’m tanning and blogging on the lawn, feeling the grass between my toes. I’m glad. I really wouldn’t want to feel the asphalt between my toes under this broiling sun.


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