World Trade Center re-revisited

The 9/11 tragedy keeps springing up again. Not least in book form. The video links below recommend reading for the inquiring mind.

It’s a tragedy because of the amount of lives that were extinguished, both at September 11, 2001 and in the war where USA exacted revenge on Iraq. Being respectful is never wrong, but accepting explanations without proof is always wrong. Judging the truth needs a mind which is distanced from emotional attachment, on both sides.

I’ll select the most interesting question raised by those documentaries:

The event that raises the most questions is why World Trade Center building 7 collapsed neatly. Let’s see… a plane crashed into the Pentagon, a hole. Two planes crashed into the North and South towers, the buildings collapsed neatly. No plane crashed into building 7, it collapsed neatly. Are you convinced by the official explanation why that particular building collapsed? Why that building? Why not another? Why not by terrorist attack, when the twin towers were attacked?

If you want to know some serious questions to ask, watch this and this video. I’ve seen no serious response to these questions. They do appeal to your common sense. Do you have one?

If you want a less serious response, watch this light entertainment by – professional… retired… magicians – presenting no facts and selecting weak advocates of the opposite side to ridicule.

Let’s see… Osama Bin Laden was blamed for the tragedy, the terrorists were Saudis, and… USA fought a big war on Iraq?

Why did the USA go to war on Iraq again?


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4 responses to “World Trade Center re-revisited

  • elpres

    Yeah, I’ve read reports from firemen who were inside the twin towers before they colapsed that they’ve heard explosions. Explosives are what makes those impressive demolitions of buildings possible and managable, otherwise a burning building would fall apart instead of imploding.

    There are also reports on real-estate deals made with the towers the day before the attacks, as if somebody knew exactly what was coming, and several other strange “coincidences”, that make the whole affair appear like a detective novel, but not very thorughly constructed one though.

    If you speak german, there’s an exhaustive series of articles on this topic here:

  • maximilion

    elpres: Yes, I speak German, but that writer seemed much too aggressive for my taste. Perhaps it’s because they have learned from history what their governments are capable of.

    I’m not interested in accusations – I’m just interested in why 7 WTC collapsed. No jet fuel, no plane crash – yet it collapses _exactly_the_same_way as the twin towers.

    It’s interesting to know it took US Government 9 days to declare war on terror, but it has taken NIST almost 5 years, and counting, to investigate why a building collapsed after 3 floors burning for 7 hours?

  • elpres

    I agree, the author of that WTC series doesn’t sound very neutral, he doesn’t conceal that he doesn’t believe the official version of the events, but so do i, and so i’m alright with his style :)

    The reason why the investigations take so long can only be that the US government doesn’t like what they’d reveal, may it be that the attacks were in some way initiated by the government itself, it badly failed to prevent them despite knowning about them ahead of the time, Iraq didn’t have to do anything with them, rendering the war unfounded, or something else completely. But i take it for a fact that the attacks weren’t the reason for the invasion of Iraq, while iraqi oil was. The country consuming the most oil in the world sees its own ressources running low and at the same time their connection the Arab states getting worse needs to do something to keep their dominance in place…

  • mnsinger

    First of all, I lived on Broad St in the Financial District for 14 months after 9/11. I walked past the WTC remains everyday to work over that period. I know somebody who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald who died in the attack. I think every conspiracy theory that I’ve heard is completely ridiculous and usually very misinformed.

    –Explosives are what makes those impressive demolitions of buildings possible and managable, otherwise a burning building would fall apart instead of imploding.

    First of all, not sure if you’ve been at the WTC site, but it’s still a complete mess. A giant hole in the ground and the entire area is still devastated. It’s been 5 years and they’re still cleaning up. Why would the government need to blow up those buildings and kill the economy? Wall Street traders were jumping off the roofs of the buildings to their deaths in front of the enitre world. Who cares if the buildings fell down? You think the US public would be any less angry if only a few hundred people died as opposed to thousands. It was an attack on American soil by airplanes – the first ever – that’s the most important thing. Unless you don’t think that the airplanes even hit the building, at which point there would be some very angry spouses who lost family members from those planes.

    In addition, how could someone have setup enough explosives to bring down two of the biggest buildings on the planet and nobody noticed. People work in the WTC pretty much around the clock. International markets plus Wall Street people work constantly (research, reports, etc.). You’re saying that the government was able to setup enough explosives to bring down multiple gigantic buildings and nobody noticed? Where did they store all the explosives – in the offices of the companies where everybody died? Highly unlikely.

    –I’m just interested in why 7 WTC collapsed.

    Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that two of the biggest buildings in the world fell down right next to it and shook the entire lower half of the island. If you go to the WTC site you will see that there are still buildings right next to the site that are standing but condemned due to structural damage. There is one building in particular that is completely covered in black sheets which is unsafe and nobody can enter.

    –Iraq didn’t have to do anything with them, rendering the war unfounded, or something else completely.

    Exactly. The US went to war with Iraq under the argument that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. That was the main reason given for war in Iraq. With the false intelligence, Bush still could have gone to war against Iraq even if 9/11 never happened. The war in Afghanistan against the Taliban was the response to 9/11. Two totally separate things.

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