Top ten tips for debunking UFO footage

I’m not a UFO believer; nor the opposite. Certainly there are many unidentified flying objects out there – but to jump from unidentified to identify it as alien craft is a big leap. I’m sure even the most ardent UFO believer will agree that a UFO does not equal a flying saucer with aliens in it.

Most of us have had first-hand experience of an aeroplane, for example, or even flown in one. Therefore, we can pretty easily identify an aeroplane – even if it’s so far away as to be only a dot in the sky. But to say a UFO is an alien craft is based on WHAT knowledge of alien craft? (Usually by claiming that it moves like no man-made craft – which still requires that you know of all man-made moving things in the sky.)

There are a bunch of films available on YouTube and Google Video – I urge you search for “UFO footage” and judge for yourself. Just don’t expect good video stream quality – though in many cases the video quality of those sites still exceeds that of the original footage. ;)

Before you start, I can tell you that my first year of 3D was spent stabilizing shaky film, add a 3D object with animation, and restore the original shaking to make the fake object integrate with the scene. So I know how easy it is to create hoaxes in the 21st century. (An obvious example is the UFO near the WTC video.)

I’m not even going to address still images, since they are so easy to fake it’s not even funny. Anyway, here they are:

1. The source. When was the footage taken? If it’s old it’s usually not the victim of post-production. Is it cut or edited? (Why anyone would cut up a revolutionary piece of footage is beyond me.) If there’s a gap between the incident and publishing the find, why did it surface now?

2. The source. Hm. A fantastic film, and nobody knows where it came from? Was it posted by “anonymous”? A family might have discovered it “on the film after development”. That’s credible if it’s a small speck in the distance, but no one will have me believe a clip with what is clearly a flying disc was not recognized at the time of filming…

3. The source. Is the source neutral? Nothing is more neutral than a surveillance cam. Was it filmed by a believer scanning the skies for anything out of the ordinary? Is it military footage, and if so, how did it become public?

4. Dots. I don’t believe in dots. If I am to believe in something, it’s not going to be white specks in the sky. Someone called ‘Prophet Yahweh’ does though – he can even summon them at will… ;P

5. Movement. Let’s not even get into those clips with wobbly saucers… I’m pretty sure alien craft didn’t wobble their way down to Earth… Plan 9 anyone? :) As mentioned, if it’s really distant it has to move differently from man-made craft…if it floats like a balloon, it probably is a balloon. Important: How does it enter and exit the clip? I.e. – when and why did the cameraman start filming? Why did he stop filming? If he stopped filming before the UFO disappeared, it’s very suspect. Likewise if the movement is in any way related to the camera movement. (Like in that clip with a fleet of dots lining up – not at the same altitude – but along the camera plane.)

6. Acting. Do the humans present (including the cameraman) sound credible, or do they behave as scripted actors in a bad movie? (See the WTC UFO.)

7. Reacting. Do the people (the cameraman and those around him) react as if they’re seeing an alien craft? Are they interested, do they follow it? One example is the Mexican military filming several dots. But they don’t follow them. If unidentified craft were in Mexican airspace, wouldn’t the Mexican air force investigate – and even shoot down intruders?

8. Circumstances. Does the scene look staged – and above all, does the cameraman seem prepared? For example, someone might be filming his friends with his cell phone camera. Oops! A UFO sails into view. The phone camera can record 36 seconds worth of film… I’d say that’s pretty good timing… ;)

9. SightingS. If a UFO was seen independently by multiple observers, something was probably in the sky. Multiple independent films would be even more convincing. Has there been such a case yet?

10. Explanations for omissions in all of the above. Some are more, some are less credible, but if the explanation saves the clip, that’s probably why it’s there.

If you’d believe all the sightings there are a mass of craft in the skies, in all kinds of shapes. To extrapolate, there would be an entire fleet up there with no two ships exactly alike. And not one curious enough to land or fall victim to close-up inspection.

Hopefully, this will help you sift through to the really interesting ones. Yes, there are a few that linger on your retina as remarkable.

Lastly, a helpful (?) idea to the UFO communities out there. Of what I’ve read up on Google Maps, the picture data was collected in the last three years, and some locations (such as the White house) have been pixelized. But if the rest is untouched, there certainly would be a chance of a UFO having been captured in an image!

I wouldn’t do it because I don’t like the odds, but it’s still a comprehensive collection of photos of the Earth’s airspace, and might be a cool project for the UFO communities to gather round?


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26 responses to “Top ten tips for debunking UFO footage

  • Andrew

    Some very, very good points, particularily the last one about fleets of alien space craft!

  • anonymous

    Wow seems like you have made debunking a science of its own! Great job! Do you feel proud of yourself and more importantly do you sleep well at night knowing you fool people for a living?!

    [maximilion]: Hello I’d be happy to read your take on the UFO video phenomenon! Or wait, maybe not. ;)

  • Google Map UFO's

    If you spend more than 30 seconds you won’t have any difficulty locating images of UFO’s captured in the satellite images used by Google.

  • UFO Videos

    Some very good advice :)

  • James Parsons

    Good points all!

    Speaking of interesting twists – did you see the Larry King show on UFOs prior to the latest National Press Club showing? Worth watching… the debunker’s not the best I’ve ever seen.

    And, for the record, debunking’s in everyone’s best interest; it separates the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Who wouldn’t wanna meet the neighbours? But I sure as heck haven’t seen anything I couldn’t explain… yet.

    Also neat – I’m also a 3D animator, I can see where your perspective comes from. It’s too easy to fake, given patience and attention. One thing a lot of the “space” sighting videos never mention is the effect of very small, very bright, and very close objects on the camera lens, and not considering the effect zero G has on things floating nearby; like bits of ice, or water condensing on cabin glass.

    Ever considered doing a podcast on something like this?

  • UFO

    Dude mexico would never shoot them down because they would be afraid that it could be US craft also once out of their air space and enters ours they can never cross in our territory. u make some points but I have see fire ball getting chased by jet with my own eyes so I know the pic of dots in the sky are probubly real.

  • maximilion

    UFO: So, USA can invade your airspace freely? Cool defense strategy :P But I was referring to the infamous “NASA dots” that float with the same speed across the camera plane, looking like ordinary dust particles in a microscope.

    Hi James :) Checking out the vid… I’ve no time for podcasts, busy working (which is why this blog has been, eh… neglected.)

    I would say, what it takes to fake a UFO vid is learning a stabilizer tool of choice. Creating a UFO that is realistic as anything requires 15 minutes of patience in any 3D app. :P

    Oh yeah, and check out The Day the Earth Stood Still. I was impressed by the 50s effects anyway…

  • Steve

    Good points. I agree with your comments.

    Regarding 9. Sightings – a good example would be Mexico 91/92? multiple cameras were pointed towards the sky to record a solar eclipse. Many silver discs and hockey puck shaped objects were captured on film from different vantage points. Worth checking out.

  • trustMe

    i know more about UFOs from around the world and the people that have seen them, then people believe in the bible. this is much bigger than your ignorant mind has to think.

  • maximilion

    Hi Steve, thanks for your comment! I would check it out, the problem is sifting through any videos that can only be described as “nondescript” ;)

    It’s strange that I haven’t found a “proper” UFO community (like for so many other interests on the net) with only the good stuff – possibly because the administrators might be afraid of getting heated discussions if they don’t screen videos to find non fake ones that actually contains something you can identify?

    You’d think, with all these videos around, that one star voyager would have been curious enough to actually land. Either their craft are unable to land, or every government on Earth have successfully covered up the landing of all such alien craft. Which is something I cannot believe – not because of the governments’ intention, but because of their success rate at covering things up. :P

  • maximilion

    Hi trustMe. I trust your verdict of my analysis to the extent of your skills in the English language. :(

  • Makia


  • Makia

    I am desprit i need a man!!!!!!!!!! @any time

  • Dave

    Well, I’d have to agree 110% with maximillion. However, I have been monitoring supposed UFO footage on sites like Google for a long time now.

    Being in an industry where photo and film manipulation is an everyday event, it’s screamingly obvious what is fake, and what leaves me wanting to see more?

    I have noticed over the years that the more convincing films have slowly started to disappear, along with various documents and other web content on the subject. There seems to be a lot more broken links these days!

    Now that to me raises the question…. Why have the obvious hoaxes been left for the masses to criticise?

    Disclosure all right. Let the computer geeks do all the work for us. “No, we’re not hiding anything from the public.”



  • Diego

    If UFOs and spaceships are fake, then how did Han Solo travel around with Luke Skywalker? Are you all going to tell me that’s all made up? =(

  • Luke Fortune

    Without taking any opinion about aliens, I would like to share with you that I have found 3500+ pages of patented design plans for UFO craft. Craft that glow like balls of light, move at super-fast speeds with right angle turns that would appear to kill any pilots inside, but do not injure their pilots in any way. I have found the technology that makes this kind of propulsion and inertia nullification possible. I invite you to my website to see for yourselves. I have posted an explanatory video in two parts at the “video” page that explains in lay terms how this is possible. and

    I am willing to collaborate on articles if you are so inclined. I look forward to communication with you.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Luke Fortune

    • maximilion

      It’s been ages, sorry for the historical reply.

      (UFOs=alien spacecraft in the following.)

      I’m sure it’s possible for humans to build saucer-like craft, some of which might work as you describe. In fact I’m sure sure humans have built such and flown them. While it might take a smallish craft to reach close-to-light speeds, it doesn’t prove the main point; have aliens visited the earth? It’s 70+ years on now, and we don’t have UFOs and aliens in museums. That doesn’t mean I’m a total skeptic; any scientist would agree a visit is possible, and we needn’t have been visited in order for it to be possible.

      That means:
      Alien visits are possible.
      Flying saucer-shaped (or otherwise) aircraft are possible. (I haven’t seen any research showing such with severe right angle turns at high speeds not concussing the brain out of you, but. I grant the possibility that alien brains might withstand 100G, but.)

      But for me – I don’t really care about how they got here or what technology they might have used – have they been here, in the spacecraft witnessed? Alien evidence on the news would be my finest hour.

      I know the general story about how the public shouldn’t be told, but two generations of retired military employees have had the chance to smuggle out an artifact, which makes me not buy into the conspiracy thing anymore.

      Be happy to collab on a articles, of course. Which newspaper is it for?

  • duong Mr.

    yeah I read it, And i see UFO is truth and UFO can, and can not hurtfull for, but this is special thing. So we need to find more than information about it and finally we will offer fact thing about this one! BUZZ ME

  • duong

    Also UFO such as truth then we still have our life in the world, so every body don’t worry. we always wait to one day is truth show infront of everybody over the world.

  • dang

    From before to now I don’t think is this thing is a truth, but if it’s a truth then we are people will have a big problem. It’s thing effect to our life very large.I don’t think so that’s have a life at outside earth. I think our life only one on an earth.

  • NoVaSpY

    It’s amazing to think that aliens that have mastered the technical ability to travel vast distances of space whether at the speed of light or through worm holes, would require lights on their vehicles. Is there also an alien police force that hands out tickets for a missing tail light?

  • ron.p

    I cant speak and will not for most of the images listed on the net. who knows, with todays technology there can be a grip of hoexsters out there. People like attention, love pranks, and love a good lagh. As for me, I know they (U.F.O.) EXIST. I got a good look at one in Wayne Newjersey at the D.M.V. right next to the fast food restaraunt on rt 46. At first I did think it was a giant metallic ballon, a quater mile away just behind the treeline of the stripmall on the left. I was sitting on the wall with a soda I just baught from Burger King, smoking a Newport. On a clear day, sunny and beautiful. The object drifted up the treeline, hovering and dipping cassually as if beeing moved by the breeze that day. I did’nt think nothing of it until it changed direction. It was a hundred yards away and huge. It spun, verry fast and was immitting some sort of heat dischage that caused air disturbance around it. It was mataliin color and its surface was covered with some sort of triangular pannels as the sun reflected.

  • Matt

    I think that the Phoenix lights were observed and shot by multiple witnesses.

  • Evan Sorrell (@Evan_Sorrell)

    I like the way you think! great article and very valid points. I hope you dont mind but i passed on a link about this article as a reply to a comment on my blog. Leep up the great bloggin!

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