Speed-modeling and Japanese tech gems

Ahhh, another summer over. Got a tan and shaved my beard. Back to school with new energy. Me and my friend Patrik’s 3D game got finished in time for 10 extra uni credits. Sold unwanted stuff and bought some collectible stuff on eBay, as well as a telescope which will come in handy on the dark (and cold) nordic nights. As soon as the moon shows its pesky (yes, pesky!) face…

Collectibles? Well, if you’re not nerd enough, Japanese wristwatches with built-in games from the late seventies / early eighties won’t turn you on. But they were one-of-a-kind and unlike vintage LED watches very little information can be found about them on the internet.

This is not a cheap plastic Nelsonic or Nintendo watch. It’s an Alba dual-layer LCD watch with all the standard functions plus a built-in game. I liked it because the graphics were pretty, the theme was space, and the watch looked good. Alba did game watches for Seiko (probably because the Seiko brand was too good for anything but ‘serious’ watches…) and I passed on a baseball watch, a word game watch, and a speech (Japanese :P) watch, to buy this tech gem.
Alba Technostalgia!
The game plays like the Game & Watch Octopus game, but with spaceships instead of divers, and rockets flying up instead of octopus arms extending down. I also like the watch for its simplicity. A single button on the side to switch mode, and the two multi-function buttons used in the game, where others would have four on the side and four on top. Many others would also display the game graphics all the time, while this has dual layers so that when out of game mode, it has a full, well-laid out functional display.

If you have more information about the Alba models, please share!

Back to school…

Got a really cool teacher for our current course in character modeling and rigging. He stayed behind yesterday, had a beer with us students and held a speed-modeling contest. The theme was animals. After modeling a salamander in 10 minutes it was time for the 3-minute finals. I didn’t finish the fins on my dolphin before the three minutes were up so I finished third. Oh well, I picked up a few tricks and it was fun.

I have honed my poly modeling skills and learned what a good mesh should look like. Suddenly I feel I have more control over the final result, and then it feels more rewarding to model. I’m off to get rid of some triangles around my current character’s fingers. Wish me good luck… ;)


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