Shoot Me in the Head

Was looking for polygon modeling tips for Maya when I came across the site of this crackpot. Don’t worry, I didn’t read all of it, so I’m still sane. It only took about a few paragraphs before I realized it was a Dumpster of random rants connected by facts of dubious origin and “math” from an Amoeba’s intellect. Clicked on the inevitable End of the World prophecy…

“Did you really think that time is infinite? Well, it doesn’t really matter what anyone thought because truth is not affected by such idle theories at least. To think is not to know.”

To think is not to know, indeed. :D

Was shocked to see the guy had gotten a book published with this kind of nonsense. I have writing skills, so I have some novels that I’ve started and subsequently stopped due to lack of patience. Must be easier when you just let bullshit dribble out your fingertips. Promptly crossed “getting a book published” off my life goal list. What’s the point if tripe like this slips through?

I categorized this as humor for its albeit short-lived entertainment value. If I ever turn into one of these, please shoot me in the head.

Oh, and sell all your belongings now, you only have until 2012 to spend it. Bwahah. :)


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