Destiny’s Double Dare

Sitting in my sacred chamber, smelling the soft autumn rain drizzle outside. Waiting for my third coffee of the day to cool slightly in my hands. For the first time in a great while, my eyelids need not strain to stay up. For a Great Idea with initial caps has found me.

It found me twice before, but both times it was just an idea: filled with promise but no way to become reality. This time it approached me like a lover, flirting with my imagination. And suddenly, I saw the full path to completion. It all seems like destiny; at first I just made it up as a wild idea. The second time, just a few days back, it tapped my shoulder again, making me say, “could be neat.” The third time was a time of realization; I could do this and get away with it. It could be something really new and great, and not just an experiment that might or might not result in success.

Why Destiny? Because things came together. The new technology it required was made available and affordable only months back; I had now learned what I needed to see it through; it built on old skills I already had. It has it all, baby. ;)

“But what is it?”, you ask in frustration. This I cannot tell you. For a man with a Great Idea is a man with a secret, and may he guard it well, lest he eternal damnation of his soul face wouldst.

OK, enough of the Yoda slash Wannabe Writer syntax. :) Suffice to say I’ve found a career goal to pursue that could lead to better days for me.

It might even take me to the Stars.


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