Changing Reality

Today was the first day of winter, with 5 cm of snowfall and gusty winds stirring up what has fallen into whirligigs of white. Kids on my street just came home from school and they love it. All the sounds are dampened by the blanket of snow, with the occasional yelp from a kid receiving snow to the face. Makes me happy. You know, sigh happy. :)

This is a retrospective entry. There were three possible obstacles between me and my dream, and I didn’t wanna jinx it. Yesterday saw the final hurdle overcome, so now I dare speak of it. I’m humbled by the fact that this became a reality at all. You doubt yourself and think it’s impossible when in fact it only takes the tiny effort of believing it can be done.

I’m grateful and now I must work diligently and will raise my discipline level a notch to go from potential success to success made real.

The following was written a few days after my last post: (If it sounds too me-me-me it’s because I felt inspiration.)

Today saw the first step toward reaching my new goal. Destiny has dared me to take this chance, and I must be diligent and disciplined to purposefully take all the steps to reach the end of the path.

I will reach it. The first thing I have to do is bend the world, fold a few dimensions so that I will get the breaks I need.

The US Government doesn’t have secrets as closely guarded as mine. And that’s saying something. That’s why no one will see any of it here. But don’t worry. Though I’m gonna work like a dog at this (that would be a working dog then) I will try to fill my days with life and interesting things to address in my blog.

I always knew I was a star. I’ll shine yet.


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