Monthly Archives: July 2008

The Ane Brun Thing

What a girl!
There’s is such a thing as an Ane Brun thing, and I have it.


Hearing The Treehouse Song on the radio was a revelation. I actually thought I was listening to a 70s gem like “Alice” or something, that had been hidden from the public (by, for example, bad marketing) thus far. Magic!

Delving deeper, I discovered she was a very talented singer, brought to the fore by (among others) Bjork’s producer. But Ane Brun can sing.

I could hear her inspiration from Dolly Parton, like from ‘Jolene’ (as made famous in place of the more prominent original by later remixers / coveresses <- wohoo! newly invented noun!) and even (yes!) Nine To Five.

But as usual I’m swayed by loveliness in the person / voice / mix domain over flaws in lyrics. So with further scrutiny,

WTF is: “I was gonna love you till the end of all daytime” ??
“I was made to believe that our love would grow old”, WTF? :)

Just asking… hehe. Rest of the lyrics is fine, more than fine, finer than her cleft chin. :)