Sometimes you go, “nice!”

No, this site won’t go in my blog roll, since I’m not into ornitology. I know a bit about what inhabits the nearest woods, since I was born in this town and walk my dog and cat a couple times every day. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t find this site well-made.

Instantly inviting, it has a modern design (webdev by trade, sorry) with media and a clear layout that pretty much makes it impossible for anyone not to stop and maybe click on something, like the luxuriously sized inserted media or next article buttons. Even if visitors are young, old, or know nothing about birds and don’t wanna know.

It’s (presumably) backed by good funding, but despite the site not validating (again, habit), it’s more instantly appealing than thousands of sites coming out of larger purses. The devs might not have been paid for the time to cross the T’s, but the overall impression is nothing short of perfect. It made me stop and write this, and that about sums it up, I think. :)


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