Monthly Archives: September 2009

Google, the new big brother?

Here’s a message to the chumps:

After installing Firefox 3.5, there is no fucking way of starting Firefox 2 or Firefox 3. All paths lead to Rome. (By which I mean Firefox 3.5, stupid!)

If I manually run D:\util\Firefox2.0.0.6\firefox.exe – hey presto! Firefox 3.5 loads.

If I press the old trusty SHORTCUT to Firefox 2, I get Firefox 3.5.

What the FUCK kind of megalomaniacal global corporation big brother pissy cunt tactics is this!? You think you fucking own me? All fucking Firefox versions REMOVED. Back to Opera it is. I don’t fucking care how optimized Firefox is after a DECADE of lamers trying to catch up with Opera…

I hereby send a coconut up Mozilla’s shaggy rectum. (Look it up.)

Mozilla, fuck you. Strong blog post follows. All this from trying to find out why normal AJAX scripts such as mainstream gallery scripts don’t work with Firefox 3.5. Silly, really.