Monthly Archives: December 2009

We haven’t spoken in a while.

Not that blogging is speaking to anyone except those who pay attention. Aaanyway.

Just made this post to say I’ve given Opera 10 the medal of honor called “Default Browser” back, after liking FF3.5 for a while.

But the shananigans (nonsense; mischief; often a deceiving or treacherous trick (c) Agent Cooper) of FF3.5 (such as starting FF2.x or FF<3.5 exes starts FF 3.5.2 instead), coupled with the fact that no plugins work (the strength it had is -poof- gone), made me go back to Opera – where the plugins are included and always work.

Dunno why they added "Turbo" ((again)) though. These days.

Oh well. I'm good :)