Why So Serious?

For believers, I would think religion would stand some satire, as politics has! Hop in the WABAC Machine for some criticism from a purple Bishop and a religious comedian (apologies if I placed them too hard) for a Fun Time :)

I really enjoyed this show rather like the Late Late Show, of course with two Pythons and a Cardinal (oh, sorry, Bishop!!) it was destined to turn into Saturday Night Live at some point. :D

Comment to 10:38 on:

In the eyes of posterity, it is now known what the difference is between what Mother Teresa did and what social workers do! Damn those journalists, tearing down our icons! One a more serious note, her icondom (no, not the Apple product, oh there I go again) I’m sure inspired many to do social work (no, really).

The movie was silly enough to make a secular 14yo not believe in Christ. …What? :)

If Brian made fun of Christ in a story by being crucified, then so did Latharuth.

That’s my final word, before I draw my terminal breath! (OK, so now I can’t stop whistling that tune, what to do…)


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