To be a Physicist is to Suffer Intermittently

This video is a very pedagogical summary of the efforts put into investigating the time period of the early Universe of the perhaps familiar background radiation measurements, and especially, beyond them, since the 1980s. I’ve kept up to date with only half of the projects, so I was a bit embarrassed about that. I loved the details about living on the South Pole and performing experiments. All that remains is to launch the next one from the North Pole, and he could call himself a bipolar physicist. (Sorry…)

But it is a nugget of sorts, this lecture by Dr. Andrew Lange, compressed into 70 minutes.

And what a nice question just before 1:11:30! It made this stellar physicist reflect on the whys of what he’s found so far and will perhaps yet find, and I think I detect here an inner concession that he’s very interested in, but not involved in, the whys. A very interesting moment.

There’s eons in which to find out the how in more detail, and probably a why will become apparent. I think I see a glimpse of a sober recognition by Lange that the odds against him ever getting his curiosity in the whys satisfied in his lifetime are low indeed.

To be human is also to suffer, it seems. At least for creatures apparently borne with a capacity for infinite ambition.


Just a minute after writing this post, I googled his further works. I was quite shocked to find out that he died just a year after this lecture. I was going to change the title of the post, because I thought it was banale. But in the words of Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, “I used to be confused, but now I just don’t know”. I’m suddenly in a strange place.


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