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I Love the Sound of Pennies Dropping!

Or: Why Youtube is the primary source of entertainment.

While John Cleese finds an easy target, you can skip past him and still have a lot of fun. :)


If America didn’t want to be in such close proximity to Russia, why strangely append it to the rest of it which is way down there, below Canada…? Ah, right.

… I love the sound of pennies dropping.


Of course, I don’t think that would stop Sarah Palin from considering it a “security risk” and “taking the appropriate measures” in the name of “National Security”…!

Why So Serious?

For believers, I would think religion would stand some satire, as politics has! Hop in the WABAC Machine for some criticism from a purple Bishop and a religious comedian (apologies if I placed them too hard) for a Fun Time :)

I really enjoyed this show rather like the Late Late Show, of course with two Pythons and a Cardinal (oh, sorry, Bishop!!) it was destined to turn into Saturday Night Live at some point. :D

Comment to 10:38 on:

In the eyes of posterity, it is now known what the difference is between what Mother Teresa did and what social workers do! Damn those journalists, tearing down our icons! One a more serious note, her icondom (no, not the Apple product, oh there I go again) I’m sure inspired many to do social work (no, really).

The movie was silly enough to make a secular 14yo not believe in Christ. …What? :)

If Brian made fun of Christ in a story by being crucified, then so did Latharuth.

That’s my final word, before I draw my terminal breath! (OK, so now I can’t stop whistling that tune, what to do…)

I rather enjoyed this!

Apparently, all we would have to do is write a book saying “how it all got here”, and O’Reilly and perhaps others who are “kinda sappy” would “throw in with us guys” instead of God!

Despite O’Reilly’s surely earnest promise, if we just made one up (for a joke, in a week, easily matching whatever O’Reilly believes in), it wouldn’t work. The basis for faith in a god is tradition, and tradition is not thrown away at the drop of a hat.

Not that either book would affect that we are brought up by our family to be kind and not rude. For the most part.

Dawkins, the trooper he is, takes it in his stride and delivers sense, sensibility, and humor. I was skeptical of a shoe-in of either, knowing Fox “would be like this”, but Dawkins succeeds and I recommend you watch it to the end, something which usually fills me with revulsion regarding Fox clips.