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The most perfect mouse for modeling

I’ve found an optical three-button mouse that is just a dream to use when modeling! I never liked Logitech mice except for the Dual Optical (for gaming), but this little one is perfect. It’s a quite ordinary, $12 mouse for any computer with a PS/2 jack, the Logitech OEM Optical Wheel Mouse.
Logitech OEM Optical Wheel Mouse
What’s so good about it? Well, it’s not a bloated blob like the trendy mice of today, it’s not too small like laptop mice, it’s not flat and long like Microsoft Intellimice. It fits inside a normal palm, so it’s easy to pick up and reposition. The buttons are the best on any of the 30 or so mice I’ve tried. Responsive, clicky, a good solid feel.

My best pad combo is to buy an ordinary plastic desktop writing pad with a grainy surface. It works great. You find menus quickly and stop dead on them. I suppose it would be great for point and click games like Warcraft, too. Just enable (god forbid!!) mouse acceleration (“Enhance Pointer Precision”), up the sensitivity a notch, and you can keep all the action within the range of your wrist instead of gliding over the pad. It has relieved tension on my shoulder muscles.

I’m buying another one to bring to school.