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The Sunny Seventies

Seventies wallpaper
Yesterday I went for a trip to the big city. Big compared to my little broadband-connected village of 800 people, anyway. The Z88 came with (see ‘Technostalgia Defined‘) and travel time disappeared as I wrote yesterday’s blog on it.

The purpose of the trip was to go to my favorite electronics store, but it turned into a full day of exploring what the city had to offer. First I got some goodies for my Z88 and my soldering bench. There were shelves and shelves full of useful electronics stuff and tools, so it was hard not to go on a spree. Clas Ohlson stores are called the ‘Kindergarten of Husbands’, and there’s a reason why. Continue reading


Technostalgia Defined

Z88 Graphics

Just got an expanded Z88, a neat little ultra-portable from 1988 by good old Sir Clive Sinclair that does database, spreadsheet and word processing work – running for up to 20 hours on 4 AA batteries! It’s about Letter size, 20mm thick and very lightweight.

Fired up my soldering facilities today, cleaned the bench and got all the bits organized. They really had been collecting dust for too long. After decoding a weirdish ASCII pinout I made the special serial cable to connect the Z88 to the PC. When I’d get the connection working, I could download BASIC programs and lots of other stuff from the internet and send it to the Z88. Continue reading