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The Ane Brun Thing

What a girl!
There’s is such a thing as an Ane Brun thing, and I have it.


Hearing The Treehouse Song on the radio was a revelation. I actually thought I was listening to a 70s gem like “Alice” or something, that had been hidden from the public (by, for example, bad marketing) thus far. Magic!

Delving deeper, I discovered she was a very talented singer, brought to the fore by (among others) Bjork’s producer. But Ane Brun can sing.

I could hear her inspiration from Dolly Parton, like from ‘Jolene’ (as made famous in place of the more prominent original by later remixers / coveresses <- wohoo! newly invented noun!) and even (yes!) Nine To Five.

But as usual I’m swayed by loveliness in the person / voice / mix domain over flaws in lyrics. So with further scrutiny,

WTF is: “I was gonna love you till the end of all daytime” ??
“I was made to believe that our love would grow old”, WTF? :)

Just asking… hehe. Rest of the lyrics is fine, more than fine, finer than her cleft chin. :)


The most important trait

…is willpower. The lack of mine is more obvious than the X-ray emission of a black hole swallowing a galaxy. Worlds change because of it. A person’s stature has nothing to do with it. Just look at Steve Jobs. Or Adolf Hitler. Or John Lennon. (Two of which I envy.)

OK. I’m off doing concept art. Goddamn.

The first word

…is the toughest. In this blog you will find tales of adventure and romance. When you get to know me you will know that was sarcasm. But I’ll try my best to contribute something funny, or interesting, or both in the categories you see here.

The opinions expressed here are my own, especially if I’ve stolen them from someone interesting. Either way they are mine and are not connected to any of my affiliates.

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