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The God-Fearing Determinist*, part 2

What’s it all about? Credit: Patrick Hardin.
Some thoughts stayed with me during the past week and a half. I will present them in part III, because I have just a little more work to do on it.

In the meanwhile, I thought I’d clarify some of what part I hopes to say by having fun with it! Here are some quotes that show the amusing aspects of First Cause arguments:

The sensible.

Craig’s God is timeless, spaceless, and immaterial. In other words, Craig’s God === Nothing. So something did come from nothing, and you should believe in nothing!


The desperate.

Just one uncaused non-being being to cause all else and explain everything! That’s all we ask, oh Muse of Cop-out Philosophers.


The befuddled.

Uncaused Universe? Nonsense. There has to be one uncaused thing before it that caused it.


The sarcastic.

An almost infinite number of causes back to the Big Bang. And then, only one more. In our profession, we term it The Prime Catchall.

Feel free to use your favorite one in “serious philosophical debate”. Mine is #3, I think. : )